Dear Participant

You are about to complete a survey which is part of a study into the strategies used by learners of Chinese to learn Chinese characters.  The study is being undertaken by a team of researchers at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK, and Xi’an Jiaotong University in China.

The study aims to gain a better understanding of the range of strategies that adult learners use, and how these might be influenced by different motivations, goals and learning preferences.  This should help teachers and developers of educational tools and resources to enhance Chinese language courses and materials. The survey takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

You should only complete this survey if:

  1. you are 18 years of age or over


  1. You are a non-native speaker of Chinese, learning to study Chinese.


    I have read the information sheet (attached to the e-mail containing the link to this survey) and I am happy to participate. I understand that by completing and returning this questionnaire I am consenting to be part of this research study and for my data to be used as described in the information sheet provided.


    Please note that:

• Responding to the survey is voluntary.

• The survey is anonymous and all answers will be treated with strict confidentiality.

For any questions relating to the survey, or the research itself, please note the following lines of enquiry:

Dr Amanda Mason,

Dr Zhang Wenxin,

Professor Zhang Yong,

Your participation in this study is greatly appreciated.   If you would like to enter a prize draw to win a Alipay or Amazon voucher worth £50 or equivalent, you can enter your e-mail address at the end of the survey.


You will also be invited to provide your e-mail address if you would be interested in taking part in an interview and would like to receive further details.